The secret is in the details
Colours, moods, light, shadow… a photography is much more than pixels on a
piece of paper. Realising a vision in beautiful imagery is a work of art.
As a trained photographer I know my craft by heart – and I am quite a nerd
about it.

Technical know-how is a natural part of my professional toolbox. But good
photography is also about getting the right ideas. And about teamwork,
communication, trust, precision and diligence.

I create photo experiences you can feel, taste, smell and touch. I know the media context that your products are to be presented in and I know how you can set
yourself apart from your competition. Together we can create a visual universe
that will seduce your target audience.


Photography + video + styling

Food styling and food photography are my core skills. I love the challenge of food
photography in which the presentation of colours, texture and styling is crucial
to creating a tempting and delicious result.
Food photography is not just about taking a picture that makes your mouth
water. It is about telling a story about moods, taste, seasons and aesthetics.


Photography + video + styling

With an eye for styling, colours and shapes I create photo symphonies that bring out your product’s best qualities.
When photographing I focus on nurturing your unique brand features giving equal attention to each aspect of the photo composition. That takes a fine eye for detail as well as the imagination to explore the boundaries of photo genre and tradition.

Recipe development

I keep tabs on the international food scene and I know how to develop new
delicate recipes that will bring out the best in your products. Recipes create
context and bring your product to life – whether you are selling dinner sets or
gourmet delicacies.